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For Total Management of Your Transcription Workflow

Winscribe Text is a document and workflow management system designed to address document production and distribution for hospitals, provider organizations, and medical transcription service organizations.

The system comprises of a range of transcription productivity tools with document distribution and management options that significantly enhance document access and overall productivity and accuracy of the transcription process.

With integration to the Winscribe digital dictation solution, Winscribe Text truly allows the benefits of a total workflow management system. The whole process of document creation is enabled; utilizing Winscribe's digital dictation functionality for dictation and playback and using Winscribe Text's text processing functionality for transcription and distribution of the document to the appropriate location.

Document Processing

Productiondocument processing

‘Production’ is the core application of the Winscribe Text transcription system and provides productivity tools and integration features that significantly enhance the accuracy and productivity of the transcription process. Winscribe Text uses the industry standard for word processing, Microsoft Word (Word 2000, Word XP, or Word 2003). Learn more on the product application of Winscribe Text.


Physicians dictate reports using the input device of their choice including telephones, PDAs, hand-held recorders, or PCs. They can access and upload medical reports from home, remote offices, or anywhere internet access is available.


Transcriptionists are able to monitor, manage, and produce transcribed medical records either in the office or remotely, with full integration to the Hospital Information and Patient Management Systems. Clinical Data Access provides a powerful, secure document inquiry and retrieval system for accessing transcribed patient reports across multiple facilities and departments.


The transcription process produces a medical document that must be reviewed, signed and distributed by the physician. Documents can be viewed remotely with a browser in a secure environment and the review process does not require Microsoft Word or a VPN for secure access.


With the eSignature feature, the document can be electronically signed by the physician in-house, at home, or virtually anywhere there is Internet access.

HL7 Interfaces

Winscribe Text’s HL7 Interface Engine easily and effectively captures patient demographic, order entry and master file information from all major HIS/CIS/RIS systems and allows for transcribed patient reports to be automatically sent via HL7 to the customer's HIS, EMR, or RIS system.

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Document ManagementDocument Mangement

Winscribe Text provides management options that can significantly enhance the accessibility and productivity of the transcription process, with flexibility to also outsource workload.

Reporting and Dashboard

Extensive reporting functionality is available for productivity monitoring with user-defined criteria to monitor individual production. A Dashboard application provides fast access to real time information.

Incentive Pay

A powerful and flexible tool exists to administer an incentive-based pay system for medical transcriptionists. The system supports up to 6 incentive “thresholds” (e.g. transcriptionists who transcribe more lines/hr earn additional pay) and multiple pay methodologies, and maintains all record-keeping and reporting required to properly administer an incentive program.


The billing functionality provides an automated means to bill for services to Hospitals and Clinics and/or departments based on line count and/or other parameters (e.g. faxes, “stats”, etc.). The system is highly customizable and can be tailored to meet the needs of each client.


A flexible set of tools are available to administer a continuous quality assurance program for medical transcription. The system streamlines the document selection/review process, provides objective measurements of user-defined criteria, records these measurements by transcriptionist and dates, and provides extensive reporting options by transcriptionist, department, and/or QA trends.

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Document AccessDocument Access


Winscribe Text provides a powerful, secure document inquiry and retrieval system for accessing transcribed patient reports across multiple facilities and departments.


By tracking, reporting and storing information about events, Winscribe Text help to address organizational compliance with consumer privacy requirements as defined by HIPAA which address authorization, authentication, alteration, and appropriate use. Confidentiality is not compromised with the ability to securely review and manage restricted and sensitive documents (e.g. Confidential, VIPs, Psych).

Multiple Sites and Departments

Winscribe Text’s Multi-Site and Multi-Department capabilities provide transparent but secure access to patient records across multiple sites and departments when patients are seen at several locations.

Document DistributionDocument Distribution

The distribution of the reviewed document is automated and offers a choice of options as well as distribution by batch, stat, or upon completion.


Provides a secure alternative to printing and/or faxing reports.


Provides an efficient means to distribute reports by fax to clinicians and providers who would prefer fax in place of, or in addition to, the paper copies of reports.

File Transfer

Designed to enable transcription services to securely distribute electronic copies of transcribed reports to clients via an FTP, or directly to a designated folder a designated folder on the recipient’s network.


Allows each client to define, administer, and customize any and all print processes.

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