Winscribe Speech RecognitionDigital Speech

Automate your document creation process further with state of the art Dragon Naturally Speaking™ speech recognition technology built into Winscribe Digital Dictation

Integrated Speech Recognition

Winscribe provides flexible front end speech recognition and back end server processing. Server based recognition is carried out after the author has completed the dictation, while front end recognition is processed on each individual PC, so the author can view and edit the recognized text as they dictate.

Both front end (client) and back end (server) speech recognition can be combined and deployed in many different scenarios to suit individual requirements. Both combinations also retain all the workflow management features that make Winscribe so powerful. Authors can review their own reports before and/or after they are transcribed, or have them reviewed by others.

Faster & cheaper transcription with speech recognition technology

  • The average person types at 39 words per minute, 19 words per minute if editing is required. The average person speaks at 200+ words per minute. Speech recognition technology recognizes the words you are dictating and 'types' them for you, resulting in significantly faster document turnaround time
  • Accuracy Rates of 95 to 99% are achieved regularly
  • Winscribe Digital Dictation is fully integrated with Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking specialist dictionaries, such as Dragon Medical and Dragon Legal, ensuring highest accuracy rates even for specialist terms

Speech Recognition technology to suit the way you work

  • 'Client-side' speech recognition allows you to see and edit the words as they appear on your computer whilst you are dictating your job. Ideal for those that want more control over their dictation before sending it for transcription, or for those that would like to complete the odd job by themselves


  • 'Server-side' speech recognition is also available. In this mode, dictations are processed on the server before being passed on for transcription. This greatly increases transcription speed, reduces your transcriptionists' workload and allows for greater author to typist ratios in your organization

  • Text from speech rec dictation jobs can be automatically inserted into fully formatted document templates - ready for sending and/or automatic storage in a document management system
  • While Winscribe Dictation is running, you can also switch to other programs, such as Microsoft Word, your e-mail client or even Twitter and use your voice to enter text. You can also automatically fill forms and use voice commands to further automate your dictation process