Winscribe Dictation Software for BlackBerry Smartphones

Winscribe for BlackBerry™ allows you to use your BlackBerry to create dictations effortlessly, send them instantaneously for transcription and review completed documents on your smartphone, all while on the move.

Create dictations easily using the Blackberry's TouchBall, TouchPad or Touchscreen

  • Winscribe's intuitive user interface allows for easy operation, no matter what BlackBerry device your team uses. Supports BlackBerry models with TouchBall, TouchPad or Touchscreen
  • Single-button recording functionality ensure that dictations can be recorded as quickly as possible, improving productivity and efficiency
  • Authors can create and send dictations to their desired transcriptionist with just a few clicks
  • True single-handed operation, leaving your other hand free to carry out other tasks
  • Removes the need to purchase, maintain and carry dedicated dictation hardware

Enhanced security features to keep your data safe

  • Transmission of files via secure HTTPS connection. IT managers do not have to set up and maintain a network of VPN connections, which reduces admin overheads and saves time
  • Proprietary 256 bit encryption of files on the device (including memory cards) and the ability to password protect the application means that recordings are safe even when the device is lost or stolen
  • Clients with BlackBerry Enterprise Server can set up and control all BlackBerry devices from a central location
  • Ensures client confidentiality, security of patient records, secure handling of cases/other types of confidential data

Increased visibility and control over your dictation workflow

  • Instant feedback that job has been received
  • Wireless transmission means jobs are available to transcribe right away, eliminating peaks and troughs in the transcription workload
  • Progress feedback as the author sees the job typed and completed. Typist can e-mail author with completed transcription to be reviewed directly on BlackBerry smartphone
  • Ensures that important documents are completed on time and that authors have early access to completed documents, even while on the move

True dictation workflow automation

  • Winscribe can integrate seamlessly with external databases and other systems you are currently using, such as billing platforms, document management systems, RIS, PACS, and other accounting or data management systems.
  • Speech Recognition can convert up to 99% of voice input to text automatically
  • Documents can be pre-populated with demographic information, saving valuable time and improving operational efficiency



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