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Offering transcription services to a wide variety of clients, with very often differing needs, requires a transcription system that is flexible for dictation authors and transcriptionist alike.

If you appear unresponsive, hard to work with or produce mistake filled work, the client could be gone before you know why, or how you can get them back.

Also keeping your transcriptionist pool motivated and working at a high level requires a transcription work flow system that provides the freedom to work from home or wherever, allowing for flexible working practices without jeopardizing performance.

Clients dictate on their terms
The Winscribe digital dictating system is very flexible for the dictating author. From the wide variety of dictating input devises supported, to the ultimate flexibility of Internet file transport, Winscribe will make your clients satisfied that your transcription service is easy to work with and very responsive.

Spread your workload
Winscribe’s intelligent workflow management solution is designed to enable the sharing of server hardware across any number of users or multiple sites, providing the ultimate in flexibility and mobility. The Winscribe system is configured to route incoming work to the appropriate transcription person or group.

Information is shared between sites quickly and Winscribe’s extensive reporting ability can show system use by user, work type, backlog and productivity. This means that workloads can be interactively managed and work peaks and troughs can be eliminated by work sharing.

Plus the Winscribe system is a software only platform meaning the transcriptionist can choose the headsets and foot pedal devices that suit the way he/she works without being limited to a specific model or brand.

Optional speech recognition
Winscribe’s integrated speech recognition solution further increases the time and cost savings of digital dictation and automatic workflow by transforming some dictation into text before being offered to transcriptionists for editing. The transcriptionist is presented with the recognized text together with the synchronized voice file. Any editing that is required (unknown words, pronunciations etc) is then sent back to Winscribe and added into the dictionary, or updates the author’s acoustic profile as required.

From flexible dictation options to front and back-end speech recognition to QA, sign-off and document delivery, the platform operates as a fluid workflow that your employees will find easy and satisfying to use.

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