Industry Solutions - Legal Transcription/Dictation

For over 30 years cassette-based dictation machines and hand-held portable cassette recorders have dominated the market for legal dictation/transcription. Unfortunately the more efficient digital dictation solution has taken a back seat to tape-based systems because the adaptation of new technology is notoriously slow in the legal profession.

But with the increased reliability and huge productivity gains offered by the Winscribe digital dictation system, legal firm are taking the plunge and seeing the greater efficiency for support staff, the greater freedom for the dictating attorney and ultimately the greater responsiveness for clients.

The Freedom to Dictate Anywhere and Transcribe from Anywhere
With the many dictating input devices available, digital dictation frees-up the attorney to dictate from anywhere, be it in the office at home or on the move. Supported input devises include PDAs, digital handheld devices, the Blackberry from Research In Motion, the PC and the good old touchtone telephone.

Transcription from a digital file has its advantages as well with the primary one being the portability of the digital file and improved work flow options. Once a pleading, correspondence or memo is dictated and in digital form, it can be routed across the office or across the country in less than a second. This allows the transcriptionist the freedom to be based where it is more cost effective and efficient.

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