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Using new technology to stay one step ahead of the bad guy is something law enforcement agencies have been doing since the invention of the two way radio. So using new technology to free-up the police officer to spend more time on the beat and less time completing report is something police departments are always on the look-out for.

Dictate anywhere, anytime
Winscribe gives the police officer the ability to complete reports at the scene of crime, in the patrol car or back in the office, 24 hours a day seven days a week. Because every minute your officers and detectives spend laboring over reports means less time they can spend on the street — where you need them most.

Also Winscribe's unique "Voice Forms" feature allows officers to respond to telephone voice prompts that gather the important specific facts about the crime they are reporting. This ensures more accurate data is gathered during the dictation process.

Winscribe also assists the suspect interviewing process by capturing a clearer recording of voices because it is an all digital system in contrast to analog tape recordings of the past.

Report confidentiality is ensured with voice file encryption, secure and encrypted file transmission and full job tracking. With these procedures in place a VPN is not required.

And with Winscribe productivity is improved because personnel no longer has to wait to get access to information, and multiple users can be accessing the same file at the same time. Users know where the dictation is, how many are waiting, and can access it from anywhere and at anytime – even while it’s in the queue waiting to be typed.

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