Case Study - Just the Type

Dictates Profits with Winscribe

Just the Type, located in Upstate New York opened the doors for business in 2001 and employed 2 transcriptionists. Today they are a fully operational transcription service provider with over 200 dictations per day with a staff of 25 transcriptionists and 100 authors.


  • Winscribe Digital Dictation
  • PC dictation
  • Dictation with portable
  • Telephone dictation


  • To improve reliability of the dictation system
  • To improve market share
  • To reduce costs
  • To improve morale and increase user buy-in of the dictation system
  • Minimal disruption to work practices
  • Ability to capture from other systems


  • Work was no longer being lost
  • User buy-in is stronger with the new dictation system
  • Rapid, local technical support whenever required

Winscribe has been configured for Aiken staff to use Winscribe PC/Internet Author application with the Philips SpeechMike/barcode scanner to dictate reports. This has simplified the dictation process and has eliminated human error.

The Winscribe digital dictation was rolled out company-wide and installation was very straightforward.

“Close collaboration between Winscribe’s
corporate office and their partners made what could have been a negative experience into a very positive one for all of us at Just the Type.“

The fact that Winscribe is customizable to an organizations individual workflow patterns meant that it was very easily adopted by employees.

“My business would not have been as successful had I purchased a system other than Winscribe,” said Fish. “The ability to customize a solution for each of our customers has proved invaluable. Our transcriptionists adapted very easily and willingly to Winscribe. The learning curve was virtually non-existent!”

The Challenge

Improve Reliability and Reduce Costs

Like many transcription service providers, Michele Fish, CEO of Just the Type, was looking for a solution that would allow them to grow their business and open them up to more clients.

Because of their rural location, the only high speed option available to them was satellite. The difference in upload and download speeds caused communication between client sites and the server to bottleneck. Jobs would frequently fail and would have to be resent.

“We were constantly rebooting the server. We had unhappy clients and the success of our business was looking bleak until we met Jeff Harlan of WWL Network Solutions”- a dedicated partner with Winscribe. “I shipped my server to WWL and within 2 days, they had my system up and running smoothly. They have continued to share their expertise with us performing remote installs as we added clients,” Michele Fish said.

The Solution


After considering various options, the decision was made that the Winscribe system would allow the company to market to the largest number of potential clients.

“After much research and pouring through information on digital dictation systems for several months, I decided on a system that would allow me to capture information from other systems and its wide range of dictation options made Just the Type very marketable. We can now hire transcriptionists outside of our immediate area.”

The Result

Increased Business and Typist Buy-in and Productivity gains

“We have at least doubled, if not tripled, our productivity. We were physically moving tapes and completed documents from point A to point B. Now they are managed electronically and can be at a client site within seconds of completion.”

“Winscribe has made an enormous improvement in our productivity. We do not have to manually route jobs anymore. We simply tell our Winscribe system who should see what and it routes incoming work to the appropriate transcription groups. It is an extremely user friendly program requiring very little training for our transcriptionists and authors.”

Customer and employee satisfaction

“We now have happy clients, happy transcriptionists, and our business is thriving,” Fish exclaimed. The authors enjoy the choices they have in dictation devices and the ease of transmitting files. The practice managers enjoy the quick turn-around of completed documents, nd the cost savings and convenience outsourcing provides. “Our transcriptionists appreciate the opportunity to work from home. They rave about how easy the system is to work with and how it has improved their work/family balance.”

Improved efficiency

“The Winscribe solution has improved turnaround time, allows for more efficient dispatching of work, has decreased printing costs, and has increased marketing opportunities for us to service clients anywhere around the world!”

Immediate ROI and cost savings

Michele Fish said, “We saw an immediate ROI. We decreased courier costs, increased transcription productivity and improved our turn-around time. An additional bonus was the increase in job satisfaction among our transcriptionists.”

Improved service levels

“We want to continually improve the service we offer, making Just the Type more marketable and thereby more profitable. To do that we need to anticipate our current and potential customers’ needs. We believe clients want a seamless process from voice to document. Winscribe handles the front end of our service goals effortlessly.”

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