Case Study - Bowles Rice McDavid Graff & Love LLP

Law Firm Dictates Profits with Winscribe

The Bowles Rice McDavid Graff and Love LLP practice began in Charleston, West Virginia in 1920 with 3 lawyers. Today, it has grown into a large commercial law firm with six offices and nearly 100 attorneys.


  • Winscribe Digital Dictation Solution
  • PC dictation
  • Dictation with portable devices
  • Remote Telephone dictation


  • To improve reliability of the dictation system
  • To reduce costs
  • To improve morale and increase user buy-in of the dictation system
  • Minimal disruption to work practices
  • To provide a product capable of growing


  • Improved workflow efficiencies
  • User buy-in is stronger with the new dictation system
  • Rapid, local technical support whenever required
  • The costs of dictation decreased as dictations were no longer being lost

Their requirements were clear – they needed a more robust system that could better cope with their rapidly expanding operation, that was user friendly and that could be implemented with minimal disruption to current work practices.

After considerable research, and reviewing several options, Bowles Rice chose the Winscribe Digital Dictation Solution. They were impressed at how quickly the product was installed. “There was virtually no learning curve and some people said it was the easiest transition they had ever experienced at the firm” reiterates Harris.

Harris recalls “We contacted our local Winscribe Sales Partner and were impressed, their service was good right from the start. They came to Charleston several times to develop the work order and the customization plan. They even gave us a demonstration system to use with a couple of test workgroups as a kind of a pilot program.”

The initial Charleston install took a week. The Sales Partner built the server and the configuration. They then trained Harris and he, in turn, was able to transition all of Bowles Rice’s satellite offices. Harris adds, “We have a service contract with them and they come in and conduct studies to make sure the installation is current to our needs. Anytime I have a question, the Winscribe Sales Partner is right on it. With the previous company, getting service was a constant struggle.”

Bowles Rice needed a more reliable network dictation solution. Their system was crashing frequently resulting in lost dictation and costly rework by lawyers using non-billable hours, a disruption to office workflow and unnecessary aggravation.

The workflow for dictation at Bowles Rice is a fairly straightforward process. The lawyer is provided with dictation equipment, usable from either the telephone or from their computer. Additionally, they are given a portable dictation unit that they can use offsite.

Dictation is then downloaded into a computer that sends it to the dictation server. The dictation server then routes the dictation to the lawyer’s secretary or the word processing center, whichever the lawyer specifies.

However, when Brad Harris took over as Head of Dictation Management for Bowles Rice in 2001, his technology skills were immediately put to the test. “We had a dictation system that no longer served our growing demands,” recalls Harris. “The main problem was the system crashing and losing dictation.”

Harris continues, “When you lose dictation you have to redo work that can’t be billed again. The result was attorneys spent hours of non-billable time redoing work they had already completed. It was difficult to maintain morale in that environment.”

Unable to resolve the issues with the existing manufacturer’s technical department, they began to look at alternative dictation systems on the market.

Reduced Costs and User Buy-in

Bowles Rice noted some surprising changes after the installation.

“The new Winscribe system actually costs less than the old system, and user buy-in is stronger with Winscribe” says Harris. “Some people who refused to use the old system are dictating into the new system. With the old system, we’d lose billable hours 10-to-15 times per month but Winscribe has given us that time back, and that goes directly to the bottom line. I don’t know if you can put a price on user satisfaction, but Winscribe has made a noticeable, positive impact on our dictation workflow.”

Harris reiterates that problems with the previous manufacturer never really got resolved. He could wait two days to hear back from the old company. With the Sales Partner, he gets technical support in a couple of hours. “Now, when the phone rings, it’s always something minor, like someone sent a job they didn’t intend to. We’ve experienced a total turnaround thanks to Winscribe.”

“Now, I love my job,” enthuses Harris. He now has the time to handle the Help Desk as well as several other functions. More importantly, he finally has the time to do all of those proactive projects instead of just putting out fires.

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