Case Study - Tressler, Soderstrom, Maloney & Priess

“100% satisfied” - Dictates Business Efficiency with Winscribe

Tressler, Soderstrom, Maloney & Priess, located in Chicago, California, New Jersey and New York opened the doors for business in 1986 and employed 19 lawyers. Today, it is a full service national law firm with over 120 lawyers and over 100 support and word-processing staff.


  • Winscribe Digital Dictation Solution
  • PC dictation
  • Dictation with portable devices
  • Remote Telephone dictation


  • To improve reliability of the dictation system
  • To reduce costs
  • To improve workflow efficiencies
  • Minimal disruption to work practices
  • Technology to grow with the business


  • The costs of dictation actually decreased as dictation was no longer being lost
  • User buy-in is stronger with the new dictation system
  • Rapid, local technical support whenever required

“The decision to go with Winscribe was made even before the end of the trial period. We decided on Winscribe because of the digital quality, its reliability record, the ability to track jobs to different typists within the firm nation-wide, and the ability to track jobs from creation to completion.”

Internal acceptance was also very straightforward. As a back-up, the old tape-based system ran concurrently with Winscribe for 6 months, but with internal acceptance being so strong, the plug was then pulled on the old system. “As with any program or system, users can be unwilling to change what they are familiar with using. However, once the users (both typists and authors) started using Winscribe, all of them were totally happy and glad we chose it,” said Nilson. “These guys fight change and Winscribe was the 2nd best received new system we’ve ever implemented.”


After years of using traditional handhelds and magnetic tapes and an analog system, Tressler, Soderstrom, Maloney & Priess (TSMP) made the decision to investigate other solutions available. “What we had with analog was an unreliable system, poor service and the hardware seemed outdated and maintenance costs were also increasing as the equipment aged,” said Donald Nilson, a Network Administrator at the firm. “Tapes were breaking, causing frustration among staff as well as slowing down productivity,” adds Robert Fuhrman, Information Systems Coordinator.

The change to a digital dictation system was considered the logical solution. After researching the options, Winscribe quickly became the most attractive and affordable solution. “We tested the Winscribe system with a pilot group of 5 authors and 2 typists. After 3 weeks, we brought our findings and recommendations to our Executive Committee for approval,” said Nilson.

100% satisfied

Improved workflow management
The office managers love having the power to transfer jobs within the firm. If any typist is ploughed under, they can now transfer jobs to another typist in the firm nation-wide. “Using the cassettes, we couldn’t transfer jobs and we had to send cassettes out using Fed-ex, which involved a longer wait time between jobs,” recalls Cindy Malis, Word Processing Supervisor. “Now we can easily measure how long jobs take and get work completed quicker. I can also review jobs more easily for better quality control. Winscribe is so much easier!” She also likes having greater control over the typists’ jobs. “One of my favorite features is being able to recover jobs that have accidentally been marked completed by the typist,” Cindy adds.

Quality control is also better, with jobs notgoing missing. “Since implementing it, we have not lost a single job due to the system’s storage and back-up,” adds Nilson. Authors commemorate the overall improved efficiency of their workflow. “It is a really nice system. I can just go in and pull out jobs, which is so much more efficient than the tape system. It is nice not having busted tape incidents anymore,” says Janet Denler, Paralegal Coordinator.

Anywhere, anytime working
The attorneys favor being able to call into the system and dictate from anywhere at any time and being able to take work home. The Word Processing Supervisor also likes being able to control and monitor activity from home. “The ability to have a typist in Illinois transcribe a job from an attorney in California is fabulous. Having the capacity for staff in any office to provide transcription services for any attorney in 1 of our 6 offices, not only reduces turnaround time, but also allows us to better manage our overhead,” says Fuhrman.

Secretaries particularly like Winscribe because of the increased digital sound quality and how easy it is to use. “Mostly I hear I can’t believe how much clearer it is, and how great it is not having to run around with tapes. All aspects of the system are user friendly and easy to learn,” said Nilson.

Improved productivity
“Winscribe has made an enormous improvement in our productivity. We can now author jobs from any PC within our firm throughout the country and in a different time-zone. For example, when the Chicago office is over-run, a job can be routed to our office in LA. The authors love it!” adds Nilson. “The clarity of the recording, combined with the ability to immediately transfer a dictation to any transcriptionist at any location, has allowed the productivity of dictation to transcription increase by at least 20%.”

Return on investment
Due to reduced hardware costs compared to the previous system, and with an increase in productivity, the firm expects the ROI of Winscribe to be less than two and a half years. This is four times as quick as any other software the company has implemented. “The immediate return is on the improved work efficiency, accuracy and quality of dictations from start to finish,” said Nilson. As the firms grows and meets technology needs, it is also now considering Winscribe’s solution with integrated speech recognition technology.

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